Create Your Own Magic

Are you a half full or half empty kind of person?  Traditional thought is half full is the optimistic point of view.  But, if the goal is to drink the whole glass of water, then half empty could be considered optimistic.  The key is to find the bright side.  That is what keeps us moving forward and keeps us from slipping into the dark side.

Recently we had to replace our oven.  Now as I write this, the plumbers are digging up my kitchen floor because a pipe broke.  This is not a lot of fun.  The bright side, I really like our new oven and we needed to put in a new kitchen floor anyway.  Life throws us lemons and we need to figure out how to make lemonade, or lemon chiffon pie, or whatever your favorite things is to do with lemons.


We choose how we look at things and some times we need to remind ourselves how we choose to do so.

What is your opinion?