Entertaining People for 35 Years

Greg ZelnikZelnik started his interest in magic over 35 years ago entertaining family and friends when they would tolerate it. He expanded into providing programs for anyone who would watch and now performs for companies like COALITION AMERICA UNC., PRESBYTERIAN HEALTHCARE and KAUNUFF INSURANCE. Zelnik enjoys every programs he does and you will too.

Outside of the entertainment industry Zelnik graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. loves to play golf and spend time with his family.

Most companies choose the entertainer they hire because they are confident in their abilities and because they like the entertainers personality. Company event planners realize that when they hire Zelnik, people will come up to you and congratulate you on a great event… EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO.

Greg has discovered that people enjoy laughing and having a great time and that people will actually laugh at him, sometimes even when he wants them too. He has found that he can engage his audience and help them have a fantastic time.

The most important fact about Zenik … he loves cheesecake!

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