Taking Action Made Easy

When push comes to shove taking action is easy. The actual action of getting started or moving forward in most cases is not that hard. It is all the mental road blocks that we place in front of ourselves that make the action seem more difficult, often insurmountable. The way to make action easy or a minimum easier to overcome the roadblocks.

Some of the big roadblocks are: What if I fail?; I am afraid; It is too big, it will take forever; I don’t have time, I’m too tired. These roadblocks in there simplest form are just excuses to not take action. Let’s take a quick look at each of these and how to combat them so that taking action becomes easy.

It is too big, it will take forever. In this day and age where we everything is at our fingertips and we want and see results right away, looking at a project that could take a long time is sometimes hard to fathom.  It can be overwhelming and this will lead to in-action. Breaking down the project into bit size pieces where we only have to do one little thing to keep moving us forward is one key secret. Zig Ziglar, in his book, See You at the Top, talks about writing the book. The thought of writing 350 pages in a year seemed very big. If he worked on his book for 5 days per week he only needed to write 1.4 pages per day. That he could see himself accomplishing. Any large project you can break down into the smallest pieces, then accomplish those pieces.  Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time.

I’m too tired. For me when I am tired it is hard for me to get things done, especially if it is sitting at a desk. I can get out and be active if I am tired, but sitting down at the computer to be productive when I am tired is hard for me. Taking care of ones health is very important and you will hear that from anyone who is successful. Part of that is getting enough rest and drinking enough water. Here are a few keys to combating feeling tired. 1) Drink water. Water keeps you hydrated and keeps oxygen in your system. Being dehydrated will make or add to your tired feeling. 2) Get some fresh air. Taking a break every so often, (the latest I have heard is every 25 minutes) and getting some fresh air. Take a five minute walk, breath in some fresh air, even or especially if it is cold outside, will perk you back up. A splash of cold water in the face helps as well. 3) Do something small. Even when we are tired we can usually do something small. Often just getting started with something small and feeling like you are getting something done will be all you need to get moving.

What if I fail? What if I put in all this time and effort and it does not work out? This is a valid point and one that I struggle with quite often. Time is precious and do not want to be spending it on activities that are not going to get us anywhere. Here is another question: What if I succeed? Sometimes we need to have a little faith in ourselves and not be afraid to fail. Most people are familiar with Thomas Edison and his many attempts to invent the light bulb. Some would consider each attempt a failure but as Edison said, he did not fail he just found another what that would not work. The only failure is to not try. So the question then is not what if I fail? But, what can I do to succeed? Going back to the earlier point, What little thing can I do today to move myself closer to getting what I want. Another thing that helps is keeping is keeping the end goal in mind. See it every day. Where is it that you want to get to. Keeping the end in mind helps keep us focus and reminds us of why we need to be taking the action steps.

So there you have it. Make actions steps small and manageable, get rest, drink water, manage your time so that you are not sitting in one place for too long, have a little faith and keep the end in mind.


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